Status: Too Busy To Blog

It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited this site and I am finding it difficult to find the time to blog, what with work, and my suite101 blogs and editing. I’m now in charge of two sections: Social Issues and Reading and Writing — that’s a lot of writers to manage and we are in hiring mode.

I’m really unhappy about the snow — don’t want to step out the door, unless it is to visit the neighbourhood pub, which is conveniently located within spitting distance. 🙂

It’s warm in there and sometimes I get tired of talking to myself.


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3 responses to “Status: Too Busy To Blog

  1. hello julie, just dropped by to check out your blog. sorry you are so busy… but I find writing a good therapy. won’t you reconsider not using your outlet? hope you have a great 2007. peace.

  2. james

    hey mom, i read your book

  3. Nicole Holick

    Hello Julie Burtinshaw! I am currently doing a project for school called Adopt A Writer, and i have chossen you! I would be glad to hear back from you, Nicole Holick

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