Update: Math Solutions

Last year, I wrote about math and my grade 11 son and how to make math interesting for him. Soon after, a guy came into the bookstore, who, I discovered after a brief conversation lives and breathes math. Hmm. I think a rare find. Now he comes to our house a couple of times a week to spread the word and my son’s marks have soared.

He’s not the first tutor we’ve had, but he is the only one who has had any effect. I think it is because he is really passionate about his subject and he has the social skills that we don’t normally equate with a numbers person and he can teach.

So, if you or someone you know is struggling in a subject in school, don’t give up, instead find somebody who can help you and who you can work with. The right person can make all the difference in the world.


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3 responses to “Update: Math Solutions

  1. hello julie, just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog. I think the key to learning any subject is finding it’s practicality. If there is none, why learn it? Enjoy the Yukon… peace.

  2. Carol Scott

    I have earned part of my income as a math and chemistry tutor for over 25 years. My B.S. is in Math, not in Math Education. I realized, early on, that childen will learn anything – IF you can give them a good reason to do so. Passing Friday’s test is NOT a good reason. That is for their parents, not for them. It also helps if the teacher or tutor actually understands what they are doing. Giving students vague answers to logical questions only turns them off and convinces them that math is useless. It is not lost on the student that the teacher or tutor has not a clue what is going on. Excitement for and understanding of the subject matter is crucial to teaching or tutoring math.

  3. I totally agree with you — the best thing about children is that they love to find out new things. Last math test mark for my son? 80%, instead of 52% Reason? He is enjoying it! Adrian, (his tutor), really loves what he is doing, and that is infectious. It sounds like you feel the same way.

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