Wow! I’m Going to the Yukon!

I have been selected to spend three months at The Pierre Berton Writers Retreat in Dawson City. I applied for this retreat quite a while ago, and promptly forgot all about it. Needless to say, I was surprised when the phone call came. Dawson City is 500 kilometers north of White Horse, and a gizillion miles away from Vancouver. This is a huge honour and opportunity for me and I am eternally grateful to Pierre Berton for leaving such a generous legacy for writers around the world. Just yesterday I was complaining about time constraints. I love it when wishes come true.

I’m pretty urbane, and somewhat anxious about living in a place where you have to have your sushi flown in ;), but I always learn alot when I’m out of my comfort zone and I know I will get some awesome writing time in.

It’s been eons since I’ve had so much unstructured time with no responsibilities to anybody but myself, so I plan to take full advantage, and to blog, because there will be no excuse not to…


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3 responses to “Wow! I’m Going to the Yukon!

  1. James

    Email us tonight and tell us if you have a phone and tell us about your trip

  2. Bev

    Hi Jules!! Monday, April 2nd – 5pm. Look forward to reading your”blog” as often as you write them!! Take care and God Bless. Bev

  3. Hi Julie: Such a super opportunity for you, and I’m going t ouse it as an excuse to fly up to Dawson City and see you in late June or early July. So let me know your phone number, okay?! I return to Vancouver June 2.

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