Daily Archives: February 20, 2007

The Paris of the North

I decided when I was first informed about going North, that I wanted to form my own impressions and therefore, would not spend weeks and weeks reading about how other feel about the Yukon. However, every so often, I can’t help but to pick up a book and scan it for interesting information. Today I read that Dawson City, where I will be living, is considered by many to be the “Paris of the North.” After I read that, I closed the book and tried to imagine exactly what that might look like — cafes, bookstores, interesting people, unique people, salons, artists, brilliant lights flashing across the sky — these were some of the images that came to mind.

Sometimes I think that it is better to go to a new place with as little information as possible, like the early explorers did. That way, I can find out what that place means to me and not what it meant to somebody else. I appreciate all of my friends who have offered me books on the Yukon, but I would prefer to read them after the experience, not before. I think that discovery is one of the most exciting things we can do, and too much of other people’s knowledge can cloud or influence our own thoughts.


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