The Perils of Packing

With under two weeks to go before I head to the Yukon, I am starting to panic about what to pack. I’ll be gone for three months and within that time, there will be a change of season. I bought a great pair of black gumboots from Three Vets and some black thermal socks with flames on the side — I’ve heard it can get quite muddy in Dawson City. I’ve got two pair of sunglasses in preparation for 24 hours of sunlight, as well as lots of sunscreen. I’ve got nearly 2000 songs on my MP3 player, so I don’t have to worry about listening to the same song more than once. I’ve got hair dye so that when my fake red hair grows out, I won’t have a root problem. Oh, and I’ve got my computer.

Usually I am a one-suitcase-person, but for this long a trip, I shall allow myself two, but no more. I wonder how many I will return home with?


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2 responses to “The Perils of Packing

  1. Klondike Kate

    hey there!
    Your post came up on a ‘Dawson City’ alert of mine. I lived in Dawson for six months (including this season change).

    Can fill you in on details or not – it WAS the Paris of the North – I can let you know what it is more like now or not!! 🙂

    Loved it though!

  2. Details weclomed. So far I’ve learned that the fun spots are The Snake Pit (hmmm) and Peggy’s Pub?
    I am hopeful it remains the Paris of the North, but not so?
    All and any input welcome.

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