Thaw di Gras: Dawson City

The Thaw di Gras celebrations happened just before I arrived, but everyone is in high spirits over the arrival of spring. In the three I have been here, the snowy roads are now gravel and I’ve been told that with run-off they will quickly turn to mud. Yesterday, after hours of writing, I went for a long walk and did a little more exploring. I dropped into the local pub — “The Pit” for a drink and conversation and mistook a mounted bull-head for a moose-head, pretty much confirming my status as a city slicker. Oh well.. the bull is a famous Spanish hero shipped to Dawson from Spain by the owner of the bar. Those of you who have been here, will know exactly what I’m talking about. While I was there, one of the patrons decided it was time to have his stitches removed from his neck, which was promptly done by one of his helpful mates. Everyone thought this was pretty much normal, and that doctors can be overrated, which is quite possibly true…Sun Set



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3 responses to “Thaw di Gras: Dawson City

  1. Klondike Kate

    Hi there! I meant to get back to you before you left, but see that I missed that boat! So you’ve made it to the Pit… It is a grand place for pool and honkytonk piano, though The Pit Crowd are a law unto themselves. We tended to drink at the Midnight Sun along the way, though did play a few games of sticks in the Pit.

    The ice rink is a hub of community activity for the people who live there year-round. Good burgers too 😉

    Is River West Cafe (along Front Street) open after winter yet? They used to do the best hot ciders with a stick of cinnamon in to stir. I’ve yet to replicate it. Though it may have had something to do with the stark white hills and sky-blue sky that made it taste better. You’re right, it is really bright up there!

    Dawsonites are indeed a cultural bunch and there is always some festivity or commemoration going on – I learned to go to everything and soak it all up. If there wasn’t a reason for an Event you can be sure they’ll make one up!

  2. Hey, I wondered where you’d gone: still on Yukon time? The thaw is on — everything is dripping and the snow is sliding off the roofs. Klondike Kate’s opened today — the first of the season and I suspect the others will follow. I’ll be sure to check out the River West Cafe when I see the open sign. I just got back from “All Yukon” screening — there are some really talented film makers up here — I hope they go south, because if they don’t, people are really missing a lot. I get it about the Pit :).

    Still trying to hook up with a musher before the river thaws and all the snow is gone. BTW, how did you end up in Dawson?

  3. Klondike Kate

    Ah, yes I guess I got another dose of Yukon Time the Christmas before last when I was back for three weeks.

    I went to Dawson in Feb of 1995 because my sister was living there and about to have a baby. Ostensibly, I went to ‘help out’ but more or less it was an excuse to get my act together and get out of New Zealand to see the world.

    There are still a few people there that I know and my (ex) brother-in-law has just moved back there – he has a place out in Henderson (not far from the Dempster Hwy, I think.).

    There’s a place down on Front St that sells all sorts of Yukon Quest paraphenalia and dog food – they are all hooked up with mushers, I think. Or at least should know where to find a tame one 🙂

    The thaw gets really messy!! Mud will become the bane of your life!

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