Dawson City Film Festival Welcomes Mike Clattenburg

Tonight I’m off to the opening of the 8th Annual Dawson City International Short Film Festival. This is a very cultural town and there is always something going on, so I have to stay pretty disciplined to get any work done. (And I am :)). The Festival opener is Mike Clattenburg — I’m sure you’ve heard of him, but if you haven’t I’ll give you a primer: He’s the head writer, creator and director for the movie The Trailer Park Boys, He does music vids for the Tragically Hip, and he has a Gemini for Best Comedy Series . Best of all he’s here in Dawson.

He’ll be screening an unseen Trailer Park Boys Episode as well as a new music vid for the Hip. It’s got a northern twist — one of the actors is a polar bear. I guess with global warming, some of the northern mammals are going into acting… This is the new Hollywood North.

I’ve got a pass for the festival and I know the next four days will be incredible.

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