Ice Bridge Closes/Eldorado Hotel Fire

Because I have spent the whole week working on my novel, I haven’t visited my blog at all. A looming deadline dictates my schedule right now. The big events this week, besides the fact that the snow is disappearing are: The Eldorado Hotel (Princess and Third) caught fire, and although the firemen were able to contain the blaze, the combination of fire, smoke and water has destroyed the building. Apparently, it was the last year-round hotel in Dawson, but don’t quote me on that.
Also, the ice bridge closed, but that doesn’t seem to stop the brave (or foolish) locals from using it. I, on the other hand, won’t even walk over it anymore… The whole town is betting on when the Yukon will break-up. I guessed May 9th, 5pm and I can’t remember the exact seconds. Apparently there is a big cash prize for the winner.
Below is a photo of the Break-up-alarm. It is a large tripod shaped object that sits on the river and is attached by wire to a clock on shore. When the ice breaks, the clock shifts and the wire stops the clock at the exact time of break-up. The fire station is notified and a siren goes off. All very high-tech. This is how the winner is decided.
I love this stuff…breakup-alarm.jpg



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2 responses to “Ice Bridge Closes/Eldorado Hotel Fire

  1. Jennifer

    Where’s the sun?

  2. It’s everywhere until around until 11:pm!!

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