I Love Cemeteries

Wherever I go and wherever I’ve been, I never feel that I’ve explored properly until I’ve walked through the cemeteries and read the headstones. Dawson City is rich in cemeteries and there is one just down the road from the Berton House. It’s reserved only for members of the YOOP, (Yukon Order Of Pioneers) who lived and died by their motto:Do unto to others as you would be done by. In his book, The Klondike , Pierre Berton writes: Each member pledged himself to help every other member should the need arise and always to spread the news of a fresh gold discovery.

For many years, this motto imposed law and order on a lawless land. Those who broke it, ended up banished or swinging from the end of a rope.

This Friday, I am going grave-April in the YOOPyarding with a friend — can’t wait for that.



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16 responses to “I Love Cemeteries

  1. Kathryn Burtinshaw

    I love cemeteries too! From a very young child I would accompany my Grand Mother to the Churchyard and ask endless questions about anyone who had the same surname as me. I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t known them all, and now appreciate as I’m older that questions about people who had died 100 years before probably didn’t make her feel too good about herself!
    This obsession with past relatives has made me a great researcher into my family history, and having exhausted my own I’ve made considerable inroads into my husbands ancestors as well. You and he would appear to be related as you have the same Great Great Grandfather.
    Incidently returning to cemeteries our daughter hates them, but has always aspired to be a children’s writer and illustrator so maybe there will be a family coincidence eventually, only time will tell.

  2. I’m off to more grave yards this afternoon. Perfect day; sunny and most of the snow has melted.

    As far as I know, there are no other Burtinshaw’s in Canada except for my sister and mother — rare name so we must be related — my father’s name was Charles Sidney — let me know if, in fact, we really do share the same GG grandfather.

  3. Christine


    have you taken many pictures of the headstones? I too love walking thru old cemeteries. If you are taking pictures would you mind sharing them? I would love to see them. What is the oldest headstone you have seen? ages of people?

  4. I am in the process of putting together a few web albums — one dedicated to cemeteries. I will post the link as soon as it is completed. Thanks for the input!

  5. maggie burtinshaw

    Hi Julie, It’s your mom here. I am interested in getting in touch with Kathryn Burtinshaw, who commented above re common great-grandfather to you. Perhaps she can contact me. Mom, Maggie

  6. Kathryn Burtinshaw

    Hi Julie and Maggie

    I have only just realised that you were trying to get in touch with me and assume it’s about your relationship with my husband’s family.
    Your GG grandparents and my husbands are the same couple, John Burtinshaw and Mary Ann Goodall who married in 1850 in Stockport. You are descended from their eldest son Henry and my husband from their son James.
    If you would like any information let me know

    best wishes

    Kathryn Burtinshaw

  7. Cynthia Burtinshaw

    Kathryn, we have a family tree created by David Holt in Derbyshire – son or granson of Ethel (Burtinshaw) Holt, daughter of Emily (Gunn-White)Burtinshaw and Henry Burtinshaw (son of afore-mentioned John and Mary Anne and brother of James.) We are coming to UK in 2009 to visit family, so would like to connect with you as well if possible! I have not met any descendents of James Burtinshaw yet.

    Best Wishes

    Cynthia Burtinshaw Martin

  8. I have a James, but had no knowledge of a James Burtinshaw. Thanks Cynthia and I’d love for your or Kathryn to update us and tell us about your meeting if it happens.

  9. Kathryn Burtinshaw

    Hi Julie

    Once again I have only just discovered that you replied to my e-mail of January this year, and am upset to discover that I have probably missed your visit to the UK. Perhaps if you get the chance you could e-mail me direct at k.burtinshaw@btinternet.com.
    We have a copy of the family tree prepared by David Holt as well, and his information from the present to John Burtinshaw’s marriage to Mary Ann Goodall is correct. He claims however that prior to that the family were descended from Edward Sugden Burtinshaw which is unlikely to be true. John Burtinshaw’s parents were John Bertenshaw and Ruth Bridge and they were from Stockport in Lancashire. John junior was literate which his father was not and on his marriage certificate in 1850 he described himself as a Tin Man. My guess is that he incorporated his profession into his surname, and from then on the family were known as BurTINshaw. His father was a felt hat maker and came from a long line of men in similar occupations all based in Lancashire and Cheshire.
    I have traced the family line back a considerable way at least to the 16th century and would be happy to share the information with you.
    Coincidently we have a James too

    best wishes

    Kathryn Burtinshaw

  10. good to hear others trying to solve the problem of tracing john burtinshaw’s parents…i’m still trying!!!!!my own father, Keith Burtinshaw’s grandfather was henry burtinshaw and he used to often mention a lord in the family????
    i found john burtinshaw junior in Lismore NSW Australia, he died at 31-35 years old….there is other relatives who lived and died there too, must have been uncles to john junior burtinshaw>>>>>i’ll keep trying!!!!!!janice e

    • Hi Janice,
      I’ve been a horrible blogger of late what with Christmas and finishing up a book, but I always love hearing from you! What happened to John? He died at such a young age…and yes we do have a Baron title in our family and i like to secretly think of myself as Lady Julie, well, not always so secretly…
      I hope you can order some of my books in OZ, but not sure. Did I send you my sister, Cynthia’s email? She knows lots about our shared history.
      Happy new year

      • THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY LADY JULIE, GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! haven’t got cynthia’s email…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!hope it proves to be a success with your books, we can order on line books and through angus and robertson in OZ..your grandfather Jack visited us inOZ when I was about 9 years old!!!have photo..trying to research what happened to john junior in Lismore New South Wales..love your dog!!!!regards LADY JANICE!!

  11. julie, will be going on a road trip up the north coast soon and will call in at north lismore cemetry and if possible take a photo of john burtinshaw’s
    love janice(lady)

  12. Oh, that is wonderful – send me a copy?

    • just a note to let you know that i still haven’t been to lismore in nsw australia yet, it’s flooded from all our recent drought breaking/rains….
      regards janice will take photos when we get there soon, of the cemetery tombstones of john burtinshaw(junior)-son of john burtinshaw and mary ann goodall. Love to know why he went there!!!

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