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Be Responsible: Say No To Plastic

I’ve read about the harm plastic bags do to our environment, but I, like many others, did not really pay much attention to the seriousness of the problem until yesterday, when I spent the afternoon with Dawson’s environmentalists, at the city dump.

The landfill is enclosed by an electric fence, designed specifically to keep the bears out of the garbage, but due to the tremendous amount of plastic bags deposited on fence over the winter months, it had ceased to function — shorted out by the polyethylene bags.

Beyond the fence, the oh-so-convenient plastic bags decorated trees, choked small ponds and lay tangled in the grass creating a haunting canvass of what the future might hold. It takes over a thousand years for plastic bags to break up, and in doing so numerous toxins will leach into the ground and ultimately into the food chain.

Did you know, that over 4.5 trillion plastics bags are produced each year of which only one-percent are recycled? Think about those numbers Clean-up Crewand then say no to plastic and take a reusable bag with you the next time you go shopping.


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