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Sourtoe Certificate

On May 16th/07, I became member 23938, when Toe Captain Al Sider guided me through the Toe Ceremony. I shall soon be listed on the website at Sourtoe Cocktail Club, a URL well worth a visit.
sourtoe and Yukon Jack

Witnesses included Dan and Lori, Wally, Karen and the wait staff at the Downtown. All agreed that if I let the toe touch my lips, they would stop teasing me about bears — a worthwhile trade indeed. It went down easily in a shot of Yukon Jack.

Here’s a little background:

“I know a prospector who lost his toe;
Froze it in the deadly cold and snow.
He ran rum with a fast dog team
(from Yukon to Alaska it would seem).

“Deadly Gangrene soon set in.
He cut it off his life to win.
To remember the gruesome task he’d done,
He pickled it in a jar of o.p. rum.

The poem continues on for quite a few verses, but the gist is:
To be a real Yukon captain, each claimed was so;
One had to drink a Yukon Sourtoe…

Mmmmm goes down well


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Dempster Highway Get’s My Vote

There is no doubt in my mind that the Dempster Highway is one of the Seven Wonders of Canada. First Nations people have had an intimate relationship with the Dempster region for a long, long, long time. The Tr’rondek Hwech’in, Na Cho Dun, Teett’it Gwichya Gwich’in, Nihtat Gwich’in are some of the nations who have lived in harmony with this land long before it was discovered by white people. It is home to caribou, bear, eagles, moose, fox, marmots, wolverine, rabbit, sheep (which we saw) and wolves just to name some of the full-time residents.
tombstone It was a jaw-dropping day — magic and because of this, I think I’ll vote for the Dempster.

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