Dinner with Dick North

Dawson City is now basking in the heat and light of summer. Barbecues have become common, the Midnight sun is once again hosting Soul Sundays, and everyone, including the bears are out of hibernation. Last night, I went to a rib feast and met one of Canada’s literary icons; Dick North. For those of you who are really ignorant, 😉Dick North and Julie North wrote The Mad Trapper of Rat River, The Lost Patrol , and has recently released Sailor on Snowshoes:Tracking Jack London’s Northern Trail.

This afternoon I am off to The Jack London Interpretive Centre and Museum, where Dick North continues to act as curator, although on a part-time basis. I have recently re-read both the Mad Trapper and Call of the Wild, and it will be an honor to sit in London’s original cabin, (the top half of which is in Oakland and the bottom half here) and listen to one literary icon divulge the story of another.

Dick North is the first recipient of “The Order of Canada,” that I’ve become acquainted with.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been following this story for some years, however I missed the latest article on Canadian TV, and was wondering whether or not the identity of the Mad Trapper has been identified?

    Thanks much,


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