Small Brush Fire at Crocus Bluffs

This just in!
It is so hot here today that stepping outside is claustrophobic. My thermometer reads 31 degrees in the shade. Hence, I have spent the day indoors and was in the process of baking brownies for a barbi I’m going to tonight, when my nose picked up the acrid smell of something burning.

“Damn,” I thought, running into the kitchen, “yet another ruined food item.” But my contribution to the potluck was in fine shape. The source of the smoke billowing into my office had nothing to do with my culinary skills, rather the base of Crocus Bluffs had caught fire.

What’s so interesting about a small town is that everybody seemed to come to the same conclusion at the same time, and as I raced out the door, I joined the line of cars, ATVs and people moving toward the disaster area.

Luckily the helicopter had already sprung into action — dumping three buckets of the Yukon onto the flames. (I always wonder how often unsuspecting fish land in the middle of forest fires)? If you have stats, let me know.

Crocus Bluffs Wild FireAnyway, when I arrived at the base of the bluffs, the firepeople had it all under control, but this was a blatant reminder: in this tinder-dry season we are having both in the Yukon and in BC small fires will turn into flames within seconds.

Be fire aware!


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  1. David

    If you haven’t read it yet, try “Barney’s Version” by Mordecai Richler. There is a great sub plot involving water bombing a forest fire. Well worth a look.

    31 C – wow that’s a little too hot. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

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