Manna From Heaven

The skies have opened up over Dawson and this rain forest girl is thrilled. It’s been raining all morning. My fellow southcoast dwellers will understand how wonderful this is. Now, the sun is creeping back into the sky, but the clouds are fighting hard to stay in position. I’m on their side. There’s a reason why the grass is greener on the Outside, and it’s called rain. I’ve missed it. Everything smells so good, and maybe, just maybe the grass surrounding Rain over the Yukonthe house will turn green.

I can hear it on the roof, and I can smell it in the air. I know, like other things in life, it’s not here forever, but while it is, I’m celebrating. Sourdough Joe’s has the best Alaskan Chowder possibly in the world and some pretty fine King salmon, and that’s where I’m headed.

Let it pour.


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