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The National: Vancouver Date

Tickets have been on sale for this great band for a while now. They will be playing the Commodore in Vancouver in October, and for a mere $18.50, you will get the chance to hear a band that, according to my music mentor, is “destined for greatness. Check them out on Myspace: The National, or at their Band Website.

One of the best things about being home, is going to see live music. Thanks to M, I know exactly whose hot and whose not. It’s so easy to get stuck in a musical time warp and I’m grateful to have a friend who just refuses to let that happen. If you don’t have a person like this in your life, I’d suggest you find one really soon.

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Canadain Children’s Bookcamp

Today was the first day of bookcamp — I have a great group of artistic kids — 14 and 15 year olds. There is lots of talent in this group and they are fun to work with. Great energy. I haven’t been back in Vancouver for a week, but already the routine is kicking in and I’m so busy I can hardly think. Next week I run a creative writing workshop class at kwantlen College, Richmond and then I am going to start on the first draft of my next book. My publisher is very interested which makes the project all the more exciting.

I thought I would take time to adjust to city living after three months in the Yukon, but it’s been easy — I miss the endless daylight but am thrilled to be back to the ocean.

My camera broke down on the White Pass so we didn’t get any pictures of Alaska. Skagway was filled with tourists — the cruise ships dump up to 14,000 people a time into that little coastal town. While we were there, James took a picture of me wearing a $75,000 fur coat — how retarded is that? And the picture didn’t turn out.

We were there in the days leading up to Independence Day, and the only item that out numbered the cruisers were the stars and stripes hanging from every building. We managed to be in transit for both Canada Day and Independence Day, which we considered to be a bonus. James said my dislike of crowds was a direct result of spending too much time in a small town, but I think I’ve always been this way.

Anyway, good to be home.

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