Next Stop: Brussels the land of butter and beer!

Get Ready for a whole new set of pictures and stories. I’m off to visit Rosie in Europe on November 12th! This is a primer for a longer tour in the spring. Apparently, unlike Vancouver, there is no monsoon season, so I can leave my brolly behind.

Blogging, on top of everything else is proving difficult and I admire people who manage to update their blogs on a daily or even a weekly basis. Besides, life has not been too exciting lately — spent lots of money on the film and writer’s festivals, as well as lots of time. My favourite film: The Bodybuilder and I which won both the Best Canadian Documentary at the Atlantic Film Festival and the Best Canadian Feature Documentary. My least favourite: American Venus, although I realize many film goers might disagree with me.



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2 responses to “Next Stop: Brussels the land of butter and beer!

  1. Steffi Rittstieg

    Dear Julie,
    I’ve found your blog when I googled the grand place in Bruxelles. I will get married in a few weeks and am looking desperately for a 2MB photo of the grand place, as it is a special place for me and my fiance and we would like to have a big picture of the place at our wedding. Now I have seen that beautiful picture of yours in Google and wondered if you would be so kind to let me use it for our wedding…. That would be so nice and awesome!! Thank you for your answer!
    Kind regards

  2. Julie

    Please use the photo for your wedding — I wish you both happiness together.

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