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Vancouver Public Library Panel Discussion: How to get Published

February 18/2008 is the annual panel on writing and publishing children’s books, held at the main branch of Vancouver Public Library. This is an information session for aspiring writers and illustrators. I will be speaking at this panel, along with Alison Acheson, Diane Haynes, Elizabeth Shefrin, James McCann, and KC Dyer. Each of us will speak for a few minutes on how we got started and how our careers developed. After that, we will open up the floor to answer your questions.
I’ve appeared on this panel once before and it is an excellent resource for emerging writers of any genre. So if you have questions about how to launch your career as an author, join us.

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My Incredible Boots

Dig Them! This are the most beautiful boots in the whole world. They are suede and fur — fake I hope — made in Italy and bought in Brussels under the direction of my urber-fashion consultant, Rosemary. They cost a whole months salary, but I have no buyer’s remorse at all. In fact, when I put them on, I feel the same way Dorothy did.

To learn more about these old friends, visit: my post on Sundance.

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Kitty Update

Kitty Taking it Easy
For all of you who have shown such concern for Kitty, I want you to know that (fingers crossed) she is out of the woods. In the last week, she has used up at least two of her nine carnations. On Monday, when we took her into the vet, her temp was 106 and by all rights, that should have been the end, but she’s a tough little thing and she rallied. Today, almost a week later, her temperature is normal, but she continues to get daily IV infusions and antibiotics. We have renamed her (with love) “Flat Screen TV.” As Jagger so succinctly said: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.”

Really. Our 15 year old TV will suffice for another year.

Complications are still a possibility, but we remain hopeful that she will fully recover. Thank you for all of your support. Those of you who are cat people will realize that a Kitty is one of the family. Those of you who are not, will probably find this whole post perplexing. Don’t judge us Cat and Dog People too harshly, though — our kindness usually spreads beyond the feline and canine species all the way to the human race. 🙂

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Bad Timing That’s All

I put one of my Mike Doughty vids up on YouTube, but I’m such a luddite that I can’t find it now 😦

While I was on YouTube, I came across Blue Rodeo’s Bad Timing. It’s the kind of song that manages to bring out the emotive side in everyone, (even my cat, I think). So, if you are in the mood to brood, give it a listen.

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Snowed In, Ninjas and Pirates: Having Fun on the West Coast

Last night I went to a gig, rode the sky train, (forget about cabs when the sky opens), played tennis, went bowling and participated in a few world-wide polls — most of this (but not all) from the comfort of my friend’s urber luxe sofa — We were snowed in, and for those of you reading this who are not from Vancouver, you have to understand that when it snows here, the whole city (except for the skytrain and that’s not a sure thing) shuts down,East Broadway Early Morning Snowfall often resulting in unplanned sleepovers — the best kind. Thanks Mikala and Dan for the blue room — loved being your first official guest.

Mike Doughty played to a packed room treating us to new stuff, old stuff and big words. I got some great snaps. Check them out here.

Mike Doughty Golden Delicious

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