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Snowed In, Ninjas and Pirates: Having Fun on the West Coast

Last night I went to a gig, rode the sky train, (forget about cabs when the sky opens), played tennis, went bowling and participated in a few world-wide polls — most of this (but not all) from the comfort of my friend’s urber luxe sofa — We were snowed in, and for those of you reading this who are not from Vancouver, you have to understand that when it snows here, the whole city (except for the skytrain and that’s not a sure thing) shuts down,East Broadway Early Morning Snowfall often resulting in unplanned sleepovers — the best kind. Thanks Mikala and Dan for the blue room — loved being your first official guest.

Mike Doughty played to a packed room treating us to new stuff, old stuff and big words. I got some great snaps. Check them out here.

Mike Doughty Golden Delicious

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