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Northern Voice 08

Okay, clearly the live bloggers said everything that needed to be said as soon as it was uttered, and what they missed, everyone else in attendance must have covered by now. I’m sure I’m the last to weigh in with my few observations:

First of all, is Matt Mullenweg of legal age and how did he get so smart?

Next, here are some interesting comments I overheard during the conference: (At least I found them both interesting and amusing).

“Kill the Megabrands.” Matt Mullenweg

“Stop buying Word.” Matt Mullenweg

“Software is the New Rock and Roll.” Marc Canter and better yet from Marc, “Open is the new Black.”

“This is the best tech conference I’ve ever been to. There are girls…” Random Guy

Politicians read blogs, but don’t normally admit it.” Arjun Singh, along with, “we need to put poetry back into politics and put love back into local government.”

“The floor is covered in refried beans and lettuce.”
Excellent lunch on Saturday, but really messy — tortillas are almost impossible to eat while blogging.

“Email is so slow — that’s just something we have to accept.” I never got this guy’s name — I was too busy trying to figure out what he meant.

There are so many amazing blogs out there and one day I will get around to linking to my favs. In the meantime, I’ll start practicing consistency…

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Vancouver, the NPA and Peter Ladner for Mayor

I’m blogging on behalf of Vancouver City Councilor Peter Ladner. You may or not be aware that tonight the NPA Board overturned any bid to challenge Sam Sullivan for his mayoralty candidacy within the NPA. Peter wants a chance to run as mayor under the NPA against Sam. He needs your help.

The fight has only begun. Last night, the NPA board made the decision that all elected NPA candidates that are currently elected cannot have their candidacy challenged: They will automatically be on the ballot without facing a challenge by any other interested candidates within the NPA. Peter wants to challenge Sam Sullivan as the NPA mayoralty candidate and needs your support.

Peter has an impeccable record: he has consistently proven his popularity in the polls, coming ahead of Sam every time in every election, when they were both city councilors. Vancouver wants Peter – we are hearing this over and over again.

I’m not going to bash Sam. His record is public.

Peter needs your help. It’s simple. On April 22nd, the NPA will be holding their AGM. Despite last night’s ruling, we will continue to sign up new members and on April 22nd, we need you to show up at the AGM, membership cards in hand, and let Sam Sullivan know that we will not be bullied. Peter Ladner is the better choice for Vancouver and the NPA, and he can win.

Peter needs your help
. You have to join the NPA to get Peter there!

I know it’s a huge commitment to join any political party – I’m pretty left wing, and I’ve always been a Cope or Vision kind of gal, but I also know Peter, have for years. He’s alright. Rides his bike to work, doesn’t think much of twinning the bridges, wears fun shirts, loves his kids and wife and is not happy about getting shot downtown.

I also believe in democracy, so this is why I’m on side with him. If you want to support Peter, at this point, it means membership.

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Mixin’ It Up In Feb

What a great month for music. In the last two weeks I’ve been to the opera: An Italian Girl in Algiers , which Rossini wrote in under a month at the age of 21! We laughed through the whole two hour and forty minute performance. As usual, most of us females spent the intermission in a long line for the women’s washroom — what’s up with that? Leaving us only a few minutes to buy a glass of wine and a ticket to win a silver Porshe. I’m going to sell mine if I win.

Last night, I went to the Commodore where the Editors played to a sold out house — clearly all of us were big fans. For me, the biggest surprise of the night was the first opening band: Louis XIV, who, in my opinion, were far superior to Hot, Hot, Heat, who did put on a good show in spite of lead singer Steve Bays sore throat.

Louis XIV is returning to Vancouver for a gig at Richards on Richards in March and I bet they will sell out. All in all, it’s been a great year for music and it has only just begun.


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House of Parlance Media Hires Acquisitions Editor

House of Parlance is a two year old Vancouver publisher run by Cathy Barrett, formerly of Nettwerk Records, and Sandy Garossino, board member of the Vancouver International Writers Festival. They are known for their graphic novels, poetry and digital downloads — in other words they are a publishing house with a vision and therefore, in my mind, a future.

The exciting news is that they have hired Tonya Martin to be their Editorial Director in charge of Acquisitions. Tonya was my brilliant editor for my soon to be released book, The Perfect Cut.” Although we only worked together on one book, we quickly developed a strong working and personal relationship and I count her as both a friend and a mentor.

To date, House of Parlance has published two books, but they hope to increase their list to six within the next two years. I’m sure they will succeed, after all, they were smart enough to snatch up Tonya from the ruins of the now defunct publishing arm of Raincoast Books.

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