Northern Voice 08

Okay, clearly the live bloggers said everything that needed to be said as soon as it was uttered, and what they missed, everyone else in attendance must have covered by now. I’m sure I’m the last to weigh in with my few observations:

First of all, is Matt Mullenweg of legal age and how did he get so smart?

Next, here are some interesting comments I overheard during the conference: (At least I found them both interesting and amusing).

“Kill the Megabrands.” Matt Mullenweg

“Stop buying Word.” Matt Mullenweg

“Software is the New Rock and Roll.” Marc Canter and better yet from Marc, “Open is the new Black.”

“This is the best tech conference I’ve ever been to. There are girls…” Random Guy

Politicians read blogs, but don’t normally admit it.” Arjun Singh, along with, “we need to put poetry back into politics and put love back into local government.”

“The floor is covered in refried beans and lettuce.”
Excellent lunch on Saturday, but really messy — tortillas are almost impossible to eat while blogging.

“Email is so slow — that’s just something we have to accept.” I never got this guy’s name — I was too busy trying to figure out what he meant.

There are so many amazing blogs out there and one day I will get around to linking to my favs. In the meantime, I’ll start practicing consistency…


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