Blog Block

I know I am committing the ultimate blog sin, but not posting with consistence and regularity. So, I want to thank all of you who continue to visit and put up with my extreme laziness. Here are some reasons for not blogging:

– Painting the living room and dining room has resulted in the complete household disorganization
– My hair is acting up and it takes about an hour in the morning to make it behave
– Easter
– I have read about 60 books in the last few months — a true form of writerly procrastination
– I would rather be sleeping
– I have been overly social of late
– I don’t really have a lot to say
– I have too much to say

This too will end! I will be back on the blog soon. In the meantime, just for you people at Celebrity Hair — this pic is for you:
My Hair is Acting Up



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2 responses to “Blog Block

  1. LOL…you’re too much!! so, are you going to start a new trend with your do. you know really julie, some people wouldn’t see anything wrong with your hair. 😉

    loved your reasons for not blogging!!

  2. David T

    Well you can always start wearing hats, which is what I’ve done lately. That’s a seriously bad hair day Julie.

    Anyway I do appreciate your sporadic but authentic blogging. I can’t even keep my facebook page current what with work, social activism, teenage daughters (!) and a couple of large and needy dogs.

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