Human Research: A Real Live Gamer

Yesterday, I met a living breathing follower of Neil Strauss who penned the ultimate little black book for boys: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

As a writer, I am a student of human nature — so I jumped at the opportunity to spend an evening of debate and conversation with someone who has spent the last few years leaning how to converse with those odd and completely “unpredictable” yet beautiful 50% of the human race under which I fall — namely females.

Poor man — there were three of us and all Geminis, so actually it was six to one — if you look at the world that way — and I think gamers do. What did we learn from him:
There are types of women:
Murders — don’t even bother saying hello
Marriage — don’t even bother talking to them
And I can’t remember the third group, but those are the best to hit on.

Can’t quite figure out what he was doing with us — we all fall into the first two groups. In spite of that, all of us had a great time and we even fixed him up with a date — perhaps against his will, but he agreed.

What we really learned, is that he, like most people just want to connect with other humans. Some of us are naturals, some need lessons, but hey, as long as we are all working toward better communication, it’s all good.

And if you find yourself alone and in a bar, remember, don’t bury your head in your beer, instead use his best line: “You look like an interesting person. What’s your story?”

I could have given him that line, without making him buy any of my books. So what we really learned is that Niel Strauss is quite smart — his books are best sellers.

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