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I Give a Dot… So Can You!

Join VOICES ACROSS AMERICA/What’s Your Point to the Next President

This arrived in my inbox this morning from Jerry Biederman, President / Co-creator of This post is of particular interest to Americans, although I participated, because the truth is that the next American President will influence not just the future of the US, but that of our whole world.

I am the author of eight mainstream nonfiction books. I am involved in a project now that invites people everywhere to write a message to the presidential candidate who they hope will be the next President of the United States. We’re looking for QUALITY submissions, and the best submissions will have a chance to be published in a major book.

You are among the very first to be invited to be a part of VOICES ACROSS AMERICA. I’m working in association with event organizer Ken Kragen (who was the one behind “We Are The World” and “Hands Across America”) for a very cool, high-profile event that rides the wave of the 2008 Presidential Election.

The theme is positive politics. It’s a celebration of the voice of the people – YOUR VOICE.

My friend, artist David Ilan, creates portraits of celebrities using only dots. He wanted to do something more meaningful with his drawings, so he came up with the idea of having each dot represent a real person and their story or message. It’s called Points with Purpose.

David is creating three portraits – one for each of the major presidential candidates. You’re invited to go to the site now and get a dot in your name:

You decide which presidential portrait you want YOUR DOT to go in: Hillary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s, or John McCain’s. Once you get your dot – give them your message!

This is your chance to be heard, to introduce yourself to your favorite candidate (and the world) in an open, impassioned and meaningful way – and share your hopes, dreams, goals, suggestions to the candidate who you believe can make a difference in your life and in the future of our country.

Since this is about positive politics, being “in the face” of your favorite candidate is a good thing!

The more expressive, open and prolific you are – the better. Your message could be as much about you, as about the candidate and our country.

The presidential portraits, containing your dot (with your message – your “point” – to the candidate attached) will go on a national tour before finding a home at a prestigious location, such as the Smithsonian or the White House (to be announced). Your words will forever be a part of the presidential portraits and your story will take its place in American history as a modern day monument to the Voice of the People.

Those who sign up first will get their dot in the candidates’ face, starting with the eyes! Very cool (and it’s free)…

Go to:


Get a dot. Give your message.

Remember, we’re seeking out writers, in particular, because we are hoping for creative, emotional, quality contributions that can be put in the spotlight of this event. If you want to be credited by name, be sure to use your name at the end of your entry.

Have fun!

P.S. The official launch date of this national event is July 4, 2008, when the first dots will be drawn in front of all the cameras. So, you’re getting a sneak preview and a chance to jump in first. Please feel free to forward this invitation to your own family, friends, coworkers, etc. We want as many voices as possible – this is a chance to be among the first!

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Sometimes All it Takes is a Friend

With a new book about to be released and another one a quarter of the way through a first draft, I suddenly found myself stalled out in my writing. It’s called writer’s block and we all get it. When it arrives, it’s unwelcome and unexpected. There are lots of things I’ve learned to do over the years to move through this creative vacuum: A walk on the beach, reading, not allowing myself to read at all, listening to music, dancing, daydreaming and journaling to name a but a few. All have been effective, but last week I discovered that sometimes all it takes is talking to a friend.

Make sure it is someone you trust creatively, whose ideas you respect and then sit down and start to bounce ideas off him or her. Be honest about how you are feeling and ask for ideas. If it is someone who knows you well and knows your work well, the conversation will quickly enter the world of imagination.

The results of my doing this were incredible. Not only did I spend a few fun-filled few hours with someone I like, but I left feeling inspired. I bought a brand new note book and began to jot down ideas. I have faith that one of those will morph into a book. And if that doesn’t happen, at least I am writing again and feeling confident about my ability to create!

Try it!

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BC Book Prizes

I went to the BC Book Prizes Meet and Greet Evening with my sweet daughter Jen and her bf, Nickie — Held at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Vancouver, the night was a mixture of chatting, bidding on the fabulous silent auction prizes and mingling with many of the nominees — winners to be announced at the gala event next Saturday night. What a talented group of people and what a honor it was for me to participate as a judge in this event.

Anyway, my friend over at leftwriter has posted some great photos taken at the event (yes, one of me), but that is not the only reason I am sending you there. The truth is, it’s the end of a long day and the battery is close to dead on my computer 🙂

Time for a cup of tea, or a glass of wine or perhaps both…

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More Art Shots by Popular Demand

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Toronto is a Fun City!

Yes, it’s true. I was there last week because my good friend, Martha Eleen (who I met when she was Artist in Res in Dawson City), opened her Yukon show: Midnight on the Water. Her awesome paintings took me right back to the spectacular north and my beloved Yukon River. I bought a painting and every day I wait with anticipation for it to arrive at my door.

We went to the old Gladstone on Queen West (Toronto residents will know this beautiful old hotel well), as well as walked the west end taking in the amazing graffiti, antique stores and art galleries. A good time could have become even better, had I not come down with an evil flu which has only just vacated my body…

Sorry to all the people on the plane I rode home on — I hope you didn’t get as sick as I did… That big guy behind me is the Flu Bug.


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Martha Eleen/Midnight on the Water

This weekend, I am with my friend, Martha Eleen in Toronto to celebrate her latest show: Midnight on the Water at the Loop Gallery at 1174 Queen Street West (April 5th — opening).

Martha and I met and became great friends when I was writer in residence Dawson City and she was artist in residence. It was soul mates at first site.

Anyway, if you happen to be in Toronto, drop by and check out her show — you’ll be blown away.

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