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Sometimes All it Takes is a Friend

With a new book about to be released and another one a quarter of the way through a first draft, I suddenly found myself stalled out in my writing. It’s called writer’s block and we all get it. When it arrives, it’s unwelcome and unexpected. There are lots of things I’ve learned to do over the years to move through this creative vacuum: A walk on the beach, reading, not allowing myself to read at all, listening to music, dancing, daydreaming and journaling to name a but a few. All have been effective, but last week I discovered that sometimes all it takes is talking to a friend.

Make sure it is someone you trust creatively, whose ideas you respect and then sit down and start to bounce ideas off him or her. Be honest about how you are feeling and ask for ideas. If it is someone who knows you well and knows your work well, the conversation will quickly enter the world of imagination.

The results of my doing this were incredible. Not only did I spend a few fun-filled few hours with someone I like, but I left feeling inspired. I bought a brand new note book and began to jot down ideas. I have faith that one of those will morph into a book. And if that doesn’t happen, at least I am writing again and feeling confident about my ability to create!

Try it!

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BC Book Prizes

I went to the BC Book Prizes Meet and Greet Evening with my sweet daughter Jen and her bf, Nickie — Held at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Vancouver, the night was a mixture of chatting, bidding on the fabulous silent auction prizes and mingling with many of the nominees — winners to be announced at the gala event next Saturday night. What a talented group of people and what a honor it was for me to participate as a judge in this event.

Anyway, my friend over at leftwriter has posted some great photos taken at the event (yes, one of me), but that is not the only reason I am sending you there. The truth is, it’s the end of a long day and the battery is close to dead on my computer 🙂

Time for a cup of tea, or a glass of wine or perhaps both…

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