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Three Days at Indian Rock

Four to six hours from Vancouver (depending on how fast one drives and how willing one is to get a speeding ticket) is a very special place I have been going to every summer for nearly 15 years. It’s called Indian Rock and lies twenty minutes outside of Penticton, just beyond Naramata in the Okanogan. Wine lovers and sun-worshippers will know be familiar with this area — often referred to as the Napa Valley of BC.

On Monday, I decided to get there as quickly as possible and hopped a Westjet flight to Kelowna — in under 40 minutes I was embraced by the hot, dry air so foreign to those of us who dwell in the rain forest and an hour later I was sipping Red Rooster’s finest on the shores of the Lake Okanogan. This is what Paradise Looks Like

I’d intended to do some serious work on my next book, but instead spent my time reading (finished two books — Timothy Taylor’s Stanley Park; thumbs down, and Joan Clark’s An Audience of Chairs — big thumbs up).

As can be seen in the photos, the gardens were more beautiful than can be imagined and the pics do not do them justice. I’ve created another web album for those of you who might like to see more images. My friend and I opted to drive back to Vancouver — a slow and easy road trip that involved lots of junk food, music, leisurely stops and conversation. It’s calving season in ranch country and we saw so many sweet baby cows that we are not sure we can ever eat a burger again.

That said, I’m off to the dude ranch in Ashcroft in the morning and I’m pretty sure Angus beef will be on the menu. I’ll be posting the pics from my weekend on the ranch next week.

In the meantime, as someone who thinks like me once said: “Ain’t nothin’ like ridin’ a fine horse in new country.”

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Newest Books from BC Authors

This year’s Spring Book Hatching, put on by CWILL BC will be held on June 14, 2008, from 1-3 pm in the Peter Kaye room and lower level at the Vancouver Public Library. This is a free event. I’ll be there showcasing my latest book, The Perfect Cut as will many of my colleagues and friends. This is a chance for readers and writers to meet YA and children’s writers from all over British Columbia.

See you there!

Picture 40

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It’s Raining Again on the West Coast but We Love It!

After a hot long weekend, the rain is back and secretly welcomed by most of us who have grown up in the rain forest and can only handle two or three days of temps in the high twenties. Last night, I was jolted out of a deep sleep by thunder — something we don’t often experience here, but I quickly fell back into dreamland, happily buried under my quilt — perfect sleeping temps had returned.

I took advantage of the heat this Victoria day weekend to fit in a few kayak outings between the launch of my friend Norma Charles’ amazing new book: The Girl in the Back Seat and the CWILL Master’s Writer’s Workshop I attended, where author/actor CC Humphreys led us through a series of discussions and helpful exercises — fun to be a student and not teacher for a change.

While Jen was in San Francisco, little bro (who is now 18 years old) came along for a day at Gambier Island — forty minutes away geographically from Vancouver, but a world away from everyday life.

Still no word on when my new book is being released, but all of this activity has inspired me to start on novel number 6 — Today!

I’ve added a few snaps to my web albums!

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Back to the Page

I’m tired. I have been looking forward to today for at least a week because all of my contracts are over and I’m free!!

On Monday I spent an amazing afternoon with the grade eights and nines at Killarney Secondary School and today I was at my old high school — CHS. I am now an official Old Girl, and somehow that doesn’t sound as good as say, Old Boy. It’s a private school thing…

I came home and watched the stingray and spider application on my igoogle until I fell asleep. I even tried to catch up with Facebook and wonder why I have any friends in that space at all — I just can’t seem to get to it.

It’s pouring here — as wet and grey as Vancouver can ever be and I feel like hibernating with my book (The Film Club by David Gilmour) — not the P.F. guy — the other one. And that is what I plan to do until bedtime.

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TRACING THE LINES: A Symposium on Contemporary Poetics and Cultural Politics to Honour Roy Miki

This just in:

A Symposium on Contemporary Poetics
and Cultural Politics to Honour Roy Miki

May 28th to 31st, 2008
Vancouver BC

Following Roy Miki’s exemplary work as a socially engaged poet, editor, activist, critical theorist, and teacher, the symposium will address the challenges of linking intellectual and political work while imagining spaces of freedom and production.

Beginning with a reading by Roy Miki on Wednesday evening, the event will consist of three evening events (May 28, 29, and 31st) and two days of creative/critical panels and presentations addressing the reach of Miki’s work and its literary and social contexts. Topics include contemporary poetics; politics of the imagination; the role of the public intellectual; asiancy; editorial activism; and the history, politics and art of redress. To facilitate ongoing discussion and debate, there will be no concurrent sessions.

Writers, scholars, and artists participating include Jeannette Armstrong, Michael Barnholden, Marie Annharte Baker, George Bowering, Louis Cabri, David Chariandy, Susan Crean, Wayde Compton, Jeff Derksen, Phinder Dulai, David Fujino, Monika Kin Gagnon, Hiromi Goto, Marwan Hassan, Smaro Kamboureli, Larissa Lai, Jacqueline Larson, Chris Lee, Tara Lee, Walter K. Lew, Ashok Mathur, Daphne Marlatt, Kirsten Emiko McAllister, Scott Toguri McFarlane, Cindy Mochizuki, Mark Nowak, Baco Ohama, Grace Eiko Thomson, Fred Wah, Rita Wong, and Jerry Zaslove.

by donation: sliding scale—suggested amounts:

Fully Employed———————— $35.00
Under Employed & Students——-$20.00
or pay what you can

• Pre-registration would be appreciated to help with planning.
• To pre-register, send an email with your name and address to (pay when you arrive)
• Or send a check or money order to:

Asian Canadian Studies Society
342-East 5th Ave, Vancouver V5T 4H6

For program details and other information, see Tracing the Lines

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It’s May!!

May is my favourite month — my sweet baby boy was born in May and he will be turning 18 years old this month! Also this month, a weekend retreat on Bowen Island (tomorrow) for all of the editors and management at — Sweet!

May 8th is quickly approaching and that is the final day to sign up with the NPA to support Peter Ladner in his bid for running as the NPA Mayoral Candidate — contact me if you want to know more about this.

It’s Dude ranch month — giddy-up!!!

The lilacs in my back yard are ready to pop and I have a new book coming out! The Stellar Book Award is next weekend and I’m really looking forward to that — can’t wait to see what the kids will put together.

It’s a five star day!

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