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I’m tired. I have been looking forward to today for at least a week because all of my contracts are over and I’m free!!

On Monday I spent an amazing afternoon with the grade eights and nines at Killarney Secondary School and today I was at my old high school — CHS. I am now an official Old Girl, and somehow that doesn’t sound as good as say, Old Boy. It’s a private school thing…

I came home and watched the stingray and spider application on my igoogle until I fell asleep. I even tried to catch up with Facebook and wonder why I have any friends in that space at all — I just can’t seem to get to it.

It’s pouring here — as wet and grey as Vancouver can ever be and I feel like hibernating with my book (The Film Club by David Gilmour) — not the P.F. guy — the other one. And that is what I plan to do until bedtime.

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