Power Out in Vancouver: Not Even Windy: Cable Fault

I was working away at suite101.com (remotely)when suddenly (and those of you who work online know how irritating this is), I got the dreaded “Problem Loading Page.”

Here’s the reason:
BREAKING: City-wide Power Failure

I hope my work was saved, but mostly I am thankful that I am not in an elevator — my one true phobia is being in an elevator during any emergency, but especially and in this order: Earthquake, Fire, or maybe Fire, Earthquake, immediately followed by Power Failure.

True Confessions: I am the type of person who won’t enter and elevator unless:

    My cell phone is on and has at least three bars
    I’ve gone to the bathroom
    I have a riding companion, so I can talk his or her ear off if we get stuck
    I’m feeling really brave

I know this is really warped, but don’t we all have at least one little fear that is actually quite illogical and embarrassing?
Or is it just me?

I don’t even know what a cable fault is, but it sounds baaad…


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