Kidnapped — That’s what Good Friends Do!

I’ve been offline for few days. Not my fault. My very good friend, Evil 2, declared me a “workaholic,” and kidnapped me — spiriting me off to the sunny, hot Okanogan Lake, Naramata, or more specifically, Indian Rock.

Only locals will have a clue where Indian Rock is, but those that do will know it for the paradise it is. Everything is perfect about this little corner of heaven, except my cell phone works only intermittently and I couldn’t pick up a wifi signal despite all of my efforts and a few prayers to the Powers That Be.

In the end, I gave in and accepted I would have to put down on my electronic toys (except for Pod, because I have an awesome portable player), and immerse myself in all of the wonderful things Okanogan has to offer — swimming, sea-doing, kayaking, fine dining and even finer wine…

I took pictures of the road trip from Van to Indian Rock and posted them here.

Approaching Keromeos

Approaching Keromeos

Our \"big-assed truck\"
The Indian Rock of Indian Rock

The Indian Rock of Indian Rock

There are far too many pics, and I’ve not got around to organizing them, but they really do give a good idea of what the drive is like along the most magical Hope-Princeton Highway (which, in my opinion is the only way to go).

In the end, I didn’t have a big problem with being stolen away from my computer. Summer is like that — it’s so important to take advantage of good times, and all too often, it is easy to forget this.


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