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The Best Thunderstorms in Canada

As I write this post, I am in Ontario, a few hours outside of Toronto, alone in the house, because my friends are out doing errands. I’ve got my ipod on at a volume which will surely cause some damage to my eardrums, because outside the plate glass windows surrounding the room I am sitting in, I see lightening flashing across the black sky accompanied by exploding bursts of thunder.

I come from the rainforest, but we don’t get storms like this in the lower mainland in BC. It’s quite terrifying. Someone told me (I think), not to turn on a TV during a thunderstorm because that puts one at risk of ??? spontaneous combustion??? (I think). I hope the same doesn’t apply for ipods and computers, or this will be my last post.

I am listening to JC Superstar — we saw it in Van at Theatre Under the Stars last week and it is a wonderul distraction from the angry heavens.

Hosana…at the top of my lungs…

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