The Best Thunderstorms in Canada

As I write this post, I am in Ontario, a few hours outside of Toronto, alone in the house, because my friends are out doing errands. I’ve got my ipod on at a volume which will surely cause some damage to my eardrums, because outside the plate glass windows surrounding the room I am sitting in, I see lightening flashing across the black sky accompanied by exploding bursts of thunder.

I come from the rainforest, but we don’t get storms like this in the lower mainland in BC. It’s quite terrifying. Someone told me (I think), not to turn on a TV during a thunderstorm because that puts one at risk of ??? spontaneous combustion??? (I think). I hope the same doesn’t apply for ipods and computers, or this will be my last post.

I am listening to JC Superstar — we saw it in Van at Theatre Under the Stars last week and it is a wonderul distraction from the angry heavens.

Hosana…at the top of my lungs…


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  1. rob

    This applies especially to computers. They are so sensitive to static electricity one storm can do them and your computers monitor.

    Get an APC UPS which is an uninterrupted power supply. your computer runs off the battery inside the unit that is continuously charged so if lightning strikes it’ll just switch to battery power.

    This is true of any electronic device. I just unplug it all during a storm. Then I go outside and watch it roll in.

    If your from BC you should have checked out the Okanagan/ The ‘Interior’ they get WICKED thunderstorms.

    As for your ipod your very unlikely to fry it if its not plugged into anything. If it’s charging same rules apply.

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