Enter the Code Blue Contest!

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Starting August 10, enter the Code Blue contest to win a chance for hit producer Mikal Blue to help produce your music!

Immergent Records in association with Webceleb present Code Blue, kicking off August 10! The contest will spread out over an eight week period. Submit your song or lyrics online and the song with the most votes at the end of each week will move onto the finals! Mikal Blue and Immergent Records will decide the winner out of the eight finalists.

After the winner is chosen they will be flown to Mikal’s studio to have their winning song produced. When the song is finished Immergent Records will have first look at the song and have the option of signing the winner.

Mikal Blue has had a niche for music ever since he first heard the Beatles as a child. He grew up in the UK and developed his love for music while attending London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and playing music in North London clubs. After deciding to pursue his dreams elsewhere he traveled for a short time before he settled in the US.

Building his own studio in Southern California Blue began his production career by establishing Revolver Recordings. He created a name for himself by producing for great artists such as Augustana, Five For Fighting, Colbie Callait and One Republic. He continues to strive in the music industry with his own album entitled “Gold.”

For more information on how to enter Code Blue go to http://www.webceleb.com. Tell your friends and family to visit the website to vote for your song!

Learn more about Mikal Blue and his music and check out http://www.myspace.com/mikalbluemusic.


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2 responses to “Enter the Code Blue Contest!

  1. Moondoggie

    This is very cool. I heard Mikal’s music and love it. Very Beatle-esque. Being that he worked with all those other successful artists, this is a great prize. My band will be submitting some tunes.

  2. Julie

    What’s the link to your myspace?

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