Perfect Cut in Vancouver Sun

I was thrilled to see that my last book, The Perfect Cut, (Raincoast, 308 pages) was included in the Weekend Edition of The Vancouver Sun, (Saturday August 16/08) Editor’s Choice: 8 Recommended Titles From Recent Releases, with the following description:

The protagonist of Sadie Jone’s brilliant novel, The Outcast, slices into his own flesh with a blade when seeking release from his troubles. So does Bryan, the teenage protagonist of this tautly written novel for young adults by seasoned Vancouver YA writer Julie Burtinshaw. It’s a tricky subject, which she handles skillfully.”


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2 responses to “Perfect Cut in Vancouver Sun

  1. OMG! okay i love this book!

    I cried!

    I have not cried in two years.

    It just hurt so much reading Michealis letter.

    I thank you so much for writing something that could touch, me.

    it mwans the world.



  2. Hey Emma,
    It is feedback like this that keeps me writing. It means way more than a good review and I thank you for letting me know how you responded to Michelle and Bryan.

    Thanks back to you!!!

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