Laser Eye Surgery — I’m going in!

Those of you who know me will know that:

    I constantly loose my glasses at the most inopportune moments
    I have a huge fear of needles
    I really like sunglasses and have always dreamed of being able to buy non-prescription ones — especially the shades sold on airplanes and in duty free

So, I have bravely booked myself into Pacific Laser Eye Centre for a consult and surgery, which will happen on September 29th.

The doctor I will entrusting my eyesight to is David Lin. I will report back on the whole process, including costs, but if anyone has advice for me, post it here.

Read Laser Eye Surgery Update Here
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6 responses to “Laser Eye Surgery — I’m going in!

  1. cara sinclair

    HI Julie
    After many yrs of glasses (since age 7) I too had laser eye surgery done by Dr. David Lin. You’re in very good hands. He’s reportedly one of the best and my results prove it. I went from about a -750 to 20/20, with no problems whatsoever. You will feel virtually nothing (although the room is quite cold) experience a great “light show” and momentarily feel like you are in a Star Trek episode. That night is a bit tough as you’ll need eye drops administered every few hrs and they burn. But nothing more than a 2/10 on the “childbirth scale” My kids are now teens. If I can give one piece of advice it would be to say make sure you have someone you can trust tending to you all night long; and it is an all night long job. During this time this person is literary your eyes and you feel (or at least I did) completely vulnerable, no doubt how a baby must feel without the pleasure of pooping your pants. For that you must still stumble to the bathroom, half blind. But in the morning when you open your eyes and see (maybe for the first time) the dew on the leaves you will once again believe in miracles or at least the power of science. Also, your scheduled date is my bday, so that has to be a good thing. I’ll think about you while I eat my cake! On another note I too am a writer (in fact I just had a manuscript read by Tonya Martin) I’ve published essays in literary journals, the Globe & Mail, written for a fashion magazine and completed an MFA at UBC in Creative Writing. I would very much like to align myself with a group of like-minded, eagle-eyed writers where I can learn, contribute and expand my craft. Do you know or are you a part of any such group? Thank you for your comments and direction. And good luck on Sept 29. Sincerely, Cara

  2. Eyesight is the greatest value for any of us. Just imagine: eyes give us 80% of information about the world. Unfortunately, about one third of the world’s population has poor eyesight. Fortunately, today it became possible at last to break down this problem! With the appearance of new technologies there appeared a new, very effective treatment of this disease – laser vision correction. The high level safety of the operation and up-to-date laser equipment made the procedure of laser vision correction simple and accessible to everyone. And as a result – you will get rid of glasses and contact lenses forever!

  3. hey julie! i just popped in to have a read and caught your laser eye surgery post. i’m bookmarking it, as one day i shall do the same. i will check back to read about your experience. it’s great to have your blog address now!

  4. Thank you to all of you for replying and my apologies for not getting back sooner. I am crazy busy these days…what can I say.
    As the day for my consult nears, I admit to being nervous, but I am determined.

  5. Cara,
    You are in such great hands with Tonya — the book we did together is very powerful and I attribute a lot of that to her. I am not in a writer’s group currently, mostly because I am so swamped, but if you find one and they are looking for members, (small is best), I would be interested. And if you are looking to learn how to write online, visit, because we are always looking for writers and what we teach about SEO, would cost a bit in tuition fees!

  6. I have changed the date of my eye surgery to October 15th. It was difficult to get an appointment with my eye doctor, Dr. Coreen Knight, the requisite one week prior to the surgery.

    The really great news is that Dr. Lin feels that I only need to have one eye operated on — this means the recovery will be a lot quicker and the price will be a lot less!

    As the date approaches, I am becoming more and more excited.

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