Zoom Airlines and Langara Uni College

On September 9th, my son and thirty or so members of his first-year Art History class at Langara University College are due to fly off to London on the first leg of their six-week study abroad program. The group has attended class every day for the last week and will continue to do so until their departure date.

Except that, thanks to the demise of yet another airline in Canada, their tickets on Zoom Airlines are as useless as the electronic ticket they are printed on. It brings back memories of when now defunct airline, Canada 3000 filed for bankruptcy, leaving passengers stranded all over the world.

I’m sure the Langara instructor who heads up the study abroad program is scrambling to find another carrier for his students, while on the home front, parents try to recover their costs by contacting Visa and Mastercard.

I wonder if some of the same people who oversaw C3’s demise, are now involved in Zoom? Might be worth looking into…

Man, this is turning into an expensive day…see: Thanks, Mr. Harper


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