Chapters Indigo: Perfect Cut

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Fantastic 5

2 months ago

The detail and depth Julie Burtinshaw went into to describe this young mans life was unbelievably well done. I started this book, and neglect life until I was finished. From the very beginning I was drawn in to the story, as I have an interest in adolescent psychology, and I was not disappointed. For anyone looking for a great book that is about more than just first kisses or friend problems, I recommend this to you. Words cannot describe how much I LOVED this book. Thank you.

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One response to “Chapters Indigo: Perfect Cut

  1. David T

    Julie, your writing has hit another level entirely with this one. Socially relevant, insightful and full of contemporary resonance, A Perfect Cut is perfectly impressive.

    For the most part it struck me as about as genuine as one could hope for. My only quibble is that home renovation projects, even one room, usually take more than a couple of weeks to complete, at least mine do.

    Write on.

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