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Suite101 in the Vancouver Sun

As well as writing novels, I am an editor for the online publishing company: There was a big article about in the Vancouver Sun on Monday morning which is worth checking out: Vancouver’s Faces Stiff New Competition.

And by the way, we are always on the hunt for new and talented writers, so if you like what you read about us in the linked article, visit and fill out the online application form. At this time, we have both an English (.com) and a German (.de) Site.

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Perfect Cut Reviewed

Writers know that getting reviewed is not always easy — too often we send our work out into the world hoping that a sympathetic newspaper editor will show some interest and write a review — but, of course there are more new books than there are arts sections of papers, so when your book does get
attention in the media, it is a big deal.

And, when your book is reviewed in a really positive light there is no better feeling in the world. Hence, my delight when I discovered this piece in the Calgary Herald: weekend edition:

What’s new Young adult fiction
Kate Larking, For the Calgary Herald
Published: Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Perfect Cut

by Julie Burtinshaw

Canadian Burtinshaw offers up a story of pain and survival amid a shattered family.

Bryan doesn’t know how to cope after his older sister Michelle dies. He feels nothing but numb. The only things that make him feel remotely normal are vodka, pills and the blissful slice of a razor. Even then, all of those are temporary. And hearing his sister’s voice doesn’t help.

As his story unfolds, Burtinshaw shines with rich characters, authentic pain and diverse means of coping. The Perfect Cut is a standout novel, sure to win Burtinshaw readers’ hearts, inspiring hope in those who suffer and understanding in those who do not.

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