Day Three: Newfoundland

I regret that I have had not had enough time to blog, but in lieu of that, I have walked every inch of St. John’s and the only reason I am back in the hotel at the moment is the big blister on my right foot.

Except for the cod tongues, there’s not much about this island that I don’t love. We’ve rented a car for the weekend with plans to chase down puffins and some fresh lobster — brilliantly sunny here and temps hovering at 19 degrees.

There is an amazing ship in town — rumour has it that Elton is staying on it, but that might not be true — some people say he flys to NY after each concert. He’s played here two nights in a row and has quite a celeb status. Anyway, the ship is owned by a Russian billionaire — among five other craft on board, there is a sub, a sail boat and a big heli pad. It’s quite nice and comfortable, but no matter how hard we try, nobody has invited us aboard. I’ll post pics in my web albums when we get home.

This is a safe city and one filled with humour. I especially like the ABC party, which seems to be the most popular political party. ABC = Anything But Conservative…

The great thing is, that St. John’s is actually better than what I imagined. It’s filled with talented artists and musicians and great little pubs offering excellent beer.

People say it is similar to Iceland, so I’m getting a taste of what my winter will look like and it is all good. The sea is cold and when the waves break they are an icy blue. It is quite different from the Pacific — somehow more hostile and intimidating. I don’t want to leave here without going out on a boat, but the winds are high and I’m not sure that will be possible.

More later…


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