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The Moose Hunting Season Opened today in Newfoundland

We saw one moose today and many more hunters. This is new sight for a city girl, and it made me kind of nervous – all those men armed, riding ATVs and dressed like trees.

The moose we saw was headless and on the back of a 57 GMC pick-up truck, which seemed a bit of a cliche, but not in a bad way. The hunters were kind enough to let us take some pics, which I will post later on my web albums. You know, I enjoy a good t-bone every now again, so all the power to these guys — at least they know where their food comes from.

We drove up to Ferryland today, via Cape Spears — the most eastern point in Canada. The concierge said it the trip would take us a couple of hours, but we were gone for ten. I suppose you could do it in two, but why would you want to? It’s way to wonderful and wild here to be in a hurry.

And the wind. I think it would drive a person crazy after a while, especially if mixed with rain, but for a day, and in the hot and unexpected October sunshine it is an amazing thing to feel it, hear it and see it. I was afraid I would be blown off a cliff…

My Toronto pal won the “President of the Tourists are Stupid Club,” with this question as she peered through her binos at a distant island: “Are those a herd of polar bears, or are they are sheep. It’s hard to tell…No, they’re way to big to be sheep” Okay, enough said about Central Canada. I don’t want to bash our home and native land.

And, I did ask the waiter at The Hungry Fisherman in St. John’s (food over-rated and over priced, but the world’s best waiter by far), if the scallops on offer were Digby. His reply: Now, darlin’ why would I go all the way to Nova Scotia to get ma scallops.” Good point and now I know.

And speaking of eating, next time you are here, check out Tangled in Blue for a great, well priced meal in a funky Victorian house in St. John’s. Great service, atmosphere and perfectly cooked seafood. Dinner for two with desert to die for and a bottle of wine: $100.

Stopped into a grocery store and had a long conversation without understanding a single word…

Hiked up to the lighthouse in Ferryland after a harrying cliff side drive up a rocky, rutted track — sorry Avis…but once we started, there was no turning back.
Can’t even begin to list all the great people we’ve met. Thanks to all of you Newfoundlanders. More to come on Sunday.

Happy 213th birthday Alexander Keith’s. All of St. John’s raised a glass to you.


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