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Back to the Other Coast

I’m leaving St. John’s this morning for an eleven hour transit to Vancouver. I will return to this amazing province — hopefully in June so that I can see the icebergs and humpbacks at the same time. Have been blessed with sunshine and warm temperatures, although the wind here is brutal.

For chowhounds around the world, we found a great little cafe/restaurant about 20 minutes out of St. John’s on Portugal Cove Road, called Ferry Last Stop Cafe. The ferry to Bell Island (of pit pony and mining lore) leaves from Portugal Cove, hence the cafe name. If interested, they do have a face book group.

When we got to the cafe in the early morning, it was closed, but typical of NFLD hospitality, they opened up their doors and created a delicious breakfast of french toast, fritattas and great coffee. Everything is organic and homemade including the flax and grain bread which I’m still drooling over.

It felt like eating in a good friend’s home!

Also discovered en route: Those big blue signs on the side of the highway that say Subway, don’t refer to a metro, rather to the fast food sandwich joint — don’t know how they got so much exposure, but don’t be fooled. 🙂

I’ve got lots more to say, but need to get to the airport. Overall general impression of this province is easy to state; I love it here and will be back.

BTW, there is a great tourism office here — we should have checked it out at the beginning of our trip — great free maps and books loaded with info of the whole area. That said, perhaps by doing it blind, we saw things not normally in the guide books.

Back to the rain.


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