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Laser Eye Surgery Update

Because I decided to visit the East Coast, I had to delay my laser eye surgery until next week. I go in on Wednesday, and the doctor has opted to do only my right eye — so I’m saving a lot of money, and hopefully a lot of down time.

Apparently, I won’t be able to go near the computer for a few days, but as soon as I am able, I’ll report on how I’m feeling, pain level etc…

Although I am legally not permitted to drive without specs, I have a low prescription and am a perfect candidate for having only one eye done. Of course, it this doesn’t work, I can always return and get the other one fixed up.


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This I learned in NFLD: ABC (Anything But Conservative)

But how do we, as responsible voters with an interest in the arts and in the environment, know how to vote strategically? I live in Vancouver Quadra — described in the media as a “toni(y) riding, or in other words, a riding made up of wealthy and therefore it is assumed, right-winged Vancouverites. Well, I know lots of people in my ‘hood, and not all are rolling in cash; many are artists, writers, university students, nannies and nine 2 fivers.

None of these people want to see a Conservative candidate representing Quadra, and there have been many discussions about who to vote for to avoid this ever happening. According to the website, VoteForEnviroment.ca, those of us concerned about the future of this planet need to throw our votes behind Joyce Murray — liberal candidate.

If you want to know how to cast your vote strategically in your riding, visit, VoteForEnviroment.ca. All you have to do is put in your postal code to find out how to do the responsible thing – ABC

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