Laser Eye Surgery Update

Because I decided to visit the East Coast, I had to delay my laser eye surgery until next week. I go in on Wednesday, and the doctor has opted to do only my right eye — so I’m saving a lot of money, and hopefully a lot of down time.

Apparently, I won’t be able to go near the computer for a few days, but as soon as I am able, I’ll report on how I’m feeling, pain level etc…

Although I am legally not permitted to drive without specs, I have a low prescription and am a perfect candidate for having only one eye done. Of course, it this doesn’t work, I can always return and get the other one fixed up.



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2 responses to “Laser Eye Surgery Update

  1. Six years ago I had Lasik eye surgery on both eyes and have loved it! After the procedure you will see clearly — perfect 20 — in your eye; you will go home and rest all that day, keeping the eye closed to heal. Adding the required drops, etc. as required, you will sleep with a pair of goggles on so as not to rub your eye while you sleep. Each day will be better and you will be so pleased with your decision to do this. I had no pain at all, more of an “itching” feeling in the eyes as they healed. I have even gone in for more Lasik on each eye and have one eye for close up work and one eye for distance, as in driving.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes — don’t be scared. Hopefully you have done your homework and selected a qualifed physician. PV

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