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Vancouver Wildlife — Raccoons This Week

For the past week, every night at about 11pm, a rather large raccoon cruises through our backyard and stops for a few minutes to engage in a staring contest with me and whoever else happens to be on the back porch.

I worry that this creature might harm Kitty, but at this time of night, Kitty is inside and safe — has anyone had any experiences with cats and coons, positive or negative? I think I should scare the raccoon away, but he is awfully cute and quite slow moving. I know raccoons are the smallest member of the bear family, and as such, are not friendly or cuddly creatures, but there was one a few years ago, who befriended our German Shepard, just a short time before she died. I like to think that raccoon was there to protect Jet.

And the reason Kitty is in by dark and not let out until daylight, is that my son and I saved her from the jaws of two urban coyotes a couple of months ago. They chased her right into our yard, and we chased them out — but they were not afraid of us, and actually we had a hard time getting rid of them. James ‘chased’ them down the street, but one trotted slowly in front of him and the other ran beside him for about a block and a half.

A lot of cats go missing in our ‘hood. And now for my rant: There was a missing cat sign up a few months ago, taped in shop windows and posted on the streets, that broke my heart because the feline in question had been de-clawed. Poor thing, she didn’t have a chance against other urban critters.

I think de-clawing cats is selfish and cruel — so what if your furniture or carpets have a few scratches in them? Cats are normally only destructive when they are bored, so instead of removing their claws, consider buying them some toys and maybe some catnip.

I digress…We also have a resident blue jay in the yard and a couple of hugely entertaining crows, as well as far too many spiders and the occasional rat. I enjoy most of the urban creatures that make our backyard their home, but I really, really hate the rats 😦

And sometimes I really miss my dog…

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