Klaustrid Where I Am Staying in East Iceland

Gunnar Gunnarsson Mansion

Gunnar Gunnarsson Mansion

I took this photo at 3pm this afternoon.


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2 responses to “Klaustrid Where I Am Staying in East Iceland

  1. maggie

    Hi dear girl, I read yesterday that the Gunnar Gunnarsson residence was originally a monastery. Is that correct? Brr! It looks cold! Are you actually the only person staying there at night? That can’t be right! I hope there are others in the residence overnight. I got this websight from Karen! I tried your regular blog and got Dawson Creek! I have told Bev how she can follow your trip. Pete is back today, thank goodness. I’ll drop in and say hello on way home from class, about 5:30 just to make sure, otherwise Kitty might be out. I just got back from a walk in the pouring rain–nice. It’s my second walk, so I am getting better, only 1/2 hour but I can start building up. Glad to hear you are back on track with your writing and that you are accomplishing what you intend while you are there. Take care and walk with someone if you are on lonely roads–ok? Love you, Mom/Maggie

  2. Tina Oliver

    Hello gorgeous woman! Missing you like crazy but know you are living and learning so much and cannot wait to see more pics and hear details, minutiae and experiences! Wow, this looks so amazing. Never did get you the cashmere you need and realize it’s pointless to offer to mukaluk it over there now… All well here. Insanely busy, but I think I see a parting in the clouds after a full-on marathon sprint since Feb. You’ll be back for the Sally Ann luncheon, Judith already has you included in that table (Dec 4th – don’t make lunch plans!), will be a shock coming from the near Arctic to the ‘ladies who lunch’! My upstairs bathroom window exploded (fortunately outward) in a recent cold wind storm, now replaced, and my car battery died, life is not without hassle, hmm. Off to a cocktail party with Colleen, hope to have communique with you soon. Lots of love, Tina

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