Images of East Iceland

Air IclandThe flight from Reykjavik to Egilisstadir took approximately 55 minutes — we flew over incredible white mountain peaks and landed in a tiny airport, which I later found to be about 45 minutes from the house.


Signage to Klaustrid

Signage to Klaustrid

What´s on My Counter?

What´s on My Counter?


Today it is bleak outside — the snow is blowing sideways past my window and I´ve decided to stay in and not venture down to the pasture to visit my four-legged pals. Sitting here, looking out of my window, I´ve come to realize that there are many different shades of white — at times like this, I wish I could paint.

That said, perhaps I can paint, because in New York, there were many street vendors selling their Obama art. I met some pretty talented people there, but I also met some real scammers. I mean, even I can draw a stick person in black paint, add and afro and call it the President Elect. Who buys this stuff?

How Birds See the Valley

How Birds See the Valley

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