One Week Today and Getting Lots of Writing Done

Wide Open Sky

Wide Open Sky

I didn´t see a soul today — a big shout out to skype — keeps me talking to the outside. I´m still not sleeping well, which means that I end up waking really late, and that cuts down on the hours of sunlight. Usually I go for a walk, but today, it just looked so cold outside that I didn´t bother — I regret that now, but it´s dark outside and no place does dark as well as Iceland. It´s an all encompassing blackness, where you can barely see your hand when you hold it out in front of you.

I´m not really sure where the time goes. I´ve been working on my new book for hours every day. Sometimes I feel that it is going really well, and at other times, I hate what I have written. This is, I know, every writer´s lament and I miss not having anyone to bounce my rough draft off. I guess I am working on blind faith, knowing that since I´ve done it before, perhaps, I can do it again.

I hit the 21,000 word mark. I am aiming to write at least 15,00 words per day, and then I begin each new day by re-reading and heavily editing yesterday´s work. My characters haven´t quite taken over yet, and this is a bit of a worry. I write well into the night, at least until I find an English language show on our one channel. I don´t miss TV at all — at least not our 160 stations with nothing on them that we have at home.

House from the road

House from the road

Today, because nobody was around in the afternoon, I played my ipod on full volume and danced around like a crazy person. It struck me how odd it would look if there were hidden cameras in the house, because I was shouting out the words and really having a great little dance session all on my own. And then it struck me as odd that I would even have that thought…

When Christmas celebrations start here, there will be an elf and a singer and I think maybe a clown in the house, so that will be refreshing company in the evenings. I am not afraid of clowns, like so many people are — thank god. I think I am pretty brave to be here on these dark days alone, and I am really enjoying my own company…I don´t know if that is a good thing or not :). Not to say that I don´t get lonely, but I am under the impression that I am quite good company. Of course, I am biased.

This is about as close to outward bound as I´d ever want to get…and I am very comfortable and warm in the house. I should mention, that the people, when I see them, are really super. They are kind and welcoming and fun to be with.

I am in Good Company

I am in Good Company

That´s all today.


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3 responses to “One Week Today and Getting Lots of Writing Done

  1. Kathleen

    I want you to personally congratulate me for entering the 21st century and posting my first blog (or do I say “for blogging”?). Your posts are making me want to come and visit but it sounds like it took 2 days to get there. You are good company but I’m biased too :). I’m surprised there isn’t more snow – we have more than you do and I think it is colder here too. Can you eat the sheep?


  2. Christine

    Hi Julie ~

    I’ve been reading your blog, but not commenting until now, which I’m sure you now realize.:)

    I just want to *wave* hello & to let you know how much I appreciate your blogging. I find it inspiring & refreshing. Your pictures are great!

    I am also in awe of the solitude you have there. The experience just has to be awesome.


  3. maggie

    Hi! I love the pics. and yes, it sounds a bit like outward bound! You are braver than I! I’m glad you have a friend coming. No news on the Gunnar Gunnarson book I have “special orderd” from the library. There is some comment on how he was somehow cheated out of the Nobel Prize. Do you know anything about that? Love Mom/Maggie

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