A Productive Day in East Iceland

White on Black

White on Black

OMG, I´m sleeping again and what a difference this makes to my life. I got lots done today — finished an article for an upcoming book, and submitted it, hopefully on time. I also had time for a really long walk to visit my sheep friends down the road, and crawled about in a half-frozen waterfall.
Next weekend is the Christmas Buffet and everybody in the house is busy getting prepared — Some of the rooms have been decorated with dolls the local children made of the woman who visits thier houses for the thirteen days leading up the Christmas. She´s a bit spooky. She´s got an appetite for humans and is already on her third husband, the first died (not sure how) and she ate the next one. She also eats naughty children, but does give gifts to those who are well-behaved. Some of the dolls are in the image of a woman with the ugliest nose in the world, often dressed in a bikini, or as a model, dragging around a bag of captured children who will end up in her soup pot.

You know, re-reading this, it is possible, I got the story wrong, but I don´t think so…As I learn more about Christmas, I´ll keep you posted.




I like the Black Sheep -- think it´s his eyes...

I like the Black Sheep -- think it´s his eyes...

Through Branches

Through Branches

gate -- stone and wood

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One response to “A Productive Day in East Iceland

  1. lesliemadsen

    the boy who called wolf,or never cry wolf?That is the question!At least you have sheep,not rattlesnakes….I agree the black one has nice eyes…..

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