EEE PC in Iceland

Baby computer is with me in Iceland, and of everything electronic that I brought with me, yes, including my ipod and logitech player, it is her that I´ve appreciated the most. At night, when the wind howls and I lie awake listening for strange noises, little rock solid touches my heart by providing me with overnight talk shows — usually BBC, and sometimes, for few minutes, CNN — but that station is pretty bad.
Why oh why can´t I get CBC — streaming problems…

After a few hours of frustration, I finally figured out how to download picasa for linux, and now little computer can manage my photos. The best part is that my EEE PC travels with me everywhere I go in my purse, and she is much lighter than all of my other junk. I can´t imagine packing around a big laptop half way around the world.

Possibly, this was one of the best “I see you in the store window and I must buy you now,”
moments that I have ever had.

Now, I dream of the 1000…

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One response to “EEE PC in Iceland

  1. Jill Browne

    I have one word for you Julie: podcasts!

    I’ve downloaded lots from BBC, CBC and Australia ABC. Even beats Radio Overnight sometimes! 😉

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