Must-See Icelandic Films

Haldora the most wonderful coordinator here at Klaustrid gave me three movies to watch on my DVD and I´ve really enjoyed each one of them. For the ultimate in dysfunctional family flicks, Hafid is a must see. No matter how bad you think your family might be, this one is worse…making it a feel-good flic 🙂

For a more Stephen King point of view, try Kold Slod, which means Cold Trail (2006) A love story slash murder mystery with a twist…

A really bad movie: 101 Reykjavik by Baltasar Kormakur: rating — Gay Comedy, not rated. Says in house movie critic, “I would rather have non-medicated open heart surgery than watch this again!”

Yet to see:
Cold Fever
Children of Nature
The Swamp (Myrin)

And my favourite creepy film (the scene with the bird will stay in my mind forever) watch Kaldaljos.

I am hoping to convince Jonathan to screen these all when I get home — Icelandic movie night.



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  3. Hi, offers lots of icelandic films online today, something you should take a look at also you can see top sellers and all info about subtitels.

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  4. Thanks for this. I will check it out.
    Missing Iceland

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