Last Day at Gunnar Gunnersson´s Mansion

Red-roofed Barn

Red-roofed Barn



Looking out to the Horses

Looking out to the Horses

I woke up today feeling sad, because this afternoon we pick up our rental jeep, and on Friday morning at 10am (daylightf), we leave for our southern roadtrip.

It is snowing lightly here today and very cold and I have a few reservations about driving in the snow — not being a road trip kind of girl, but we have a good car and Joy is quite confident we will not slide off the road and disappear forever into a snow drift. (I´ve packed a tea-light and a candle to keep us warm, and chocolate so we don´t starve, just in case we run into problems).

Our first stop will be a little town called Hofn were we will stay on a farm that doubles as a writer´s retreat. Hofna is on the sea. The next day, we will meander through the snow storms to the geysers, where we will overnight and the next day on to Reykyavik and shopping, blue lagoon, music. We are going the bar owned by Blur´s Damon Albarn (Kaffibarinn), and will have the whole week to explore the city.

Kaffibarinn was the bar featured in the most horrible film, 101 Reykjavik, so we have already had a preview of the inside.

It took a long time for me to get used to the isolation here, and there were many sleepless nights lying awake with only BBC as company, but eventually I did get used to it. I will miss waking up to look out the window at the horses, and the long hours where I could sit by the window and write without any interuptions. I will miss the moonscape that is East Iceland, but I have to admit, one can only spend so much time living in a climate that feels like the inside of a fridge. It will be great to get back to my rainforest…and I am flying back Air Canada, not Delta, so I should make all of my connections.

We hope to find some good resturants, but we do have a list of things we will not be eating:

    Baby puffin
    Purtified Shark
    Sheep heads, stomachs, feet, or anything that say, “baaa…” I´ve kind of bonded with these creatures over the last three weeks.

This had been a wonderful opportunity and the images of East Iceland will stay with me forever.

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