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Pulitzer Prize in Journalism to Include Online Publications

I was browsing through suite101.com’s Limelite Blog when I came across this exciting news: For the first time, online news providers are eligible to be considered for the coveted Pulitzer Journalistic Excellence Awards. Follow this link to find out how to enter, keeping in mind the deadline is February 9th, 09 for 2008 writing. For a long time, those of us who work in new media have understood that outstanding news reporting does happens online, and many people, myself included, prefer to get their news from the Internet, rather than from newspapers and magazines. It is a tribute and an honour to online writers that an organization as highly respected as the Pulitzer has recognized this.

Direct from their site:

Send all entries by February 1 to: Pulitzer Prize Office, 709 Journalism, 2950 Broadway, Mail Code 3865, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. Good Luck!


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Please Help Me to Buy a Laptop

Eee PC is not dead — the converter took the hit — huge relief. In spite of this great news, I still need to buy a laptop. My Toshiba, at the ripe old age of four is being retired. Hard to believe that when I bought it, it was the top of the line (11 heavy pounds) and I spent $2400 😦 Today the battery is dead, the power cord is shot and it sits on my table like a piece of antique art.

Buying a new computer is not an easy thing to do because there are so many of them out there. I prefer not to spend more than $1200 Canadian dollars, but would rather spend less. I use my laptop for email, working, researching, photos, music (torrents) and watching movies. No gaming. My question to all of you: I am thinking of the Dell XPS M13 30. If you know anything about this computer, good or bad, please post in comments. Alternately, if you can suggest a good notebook let me know.
Thanks in advance


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Icelandic Web Album Live at Last

Finally my web album from Iceland — including the inspiring and sometimes frightening, yet visually gobsmacking drive through the eastern fjords in the wintertime is up — I haven’t spent anytime identifying the different places, but some of the images are astounding and worth a look. At some point when the craziness that is Christmas dies down, I’ll do the edit.

Any for all of you off work sleep late, eat lots, ski and/or lie in the sun. Read, read and read some more. Merry Christmas.

More common to fly than to drive

More common to fly than to drive

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